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Madrid escolta

Glory is one leggy who looks really seductive once naked. We bet you would be in awe of her all the time. She has curly black hair, slender figure and has lovely bosom.
She is fond of romancing with you in all the good places of the city such as restaurants, pubs, cafes or her cozy apartment. She has a tomboyish personality and would treat you as a close friend within 10 minutes of meeting. She doesn’t portray herself as sugary or naïve girl like most of escorts do. Instead; she portray herself as blunt; fiery woman who doesn’t tolerate nonsense from anybody.
She likes taking her clothes and indulges in intense love making with you as the apartment door is shut. Her love making activity includes whole body kissing, sensual massage, playing erotic games with you in bed and finally letting you inside in.
Please call us or drop an email to get a date with Glory.  We bet you would be glad of spending time with her and would like to see her again.

My first night

I still remember my first night. I have just joined escort agency and was just 18 years old virgin girl. My client was a 45 year old businessman. He had booked me for whole night stay. I was excited as well as nervous to spend time with him.

Anyway, I arrived in his apartment wearing a sexy white top and short skirt.  The guy welcomed me with a smile. He started Television, made me a coffee and ordered dinner for me too.

My client name was Adolf; he was in transport business and wanted to have a good time with a beautiful girl. He was very polite to me. After dinner, he asked me politely whether we should move to the bedroom. I developed cold feet as he said so. But being my first date; I was not in position to say so. Nervously, I entered his bedroom. Adolf understood my condition and made me sit gently on the bed. He caressed my hair to sooth me and then fondle my tits with his both hands.

Soon, he unbuttoned my t-shirt and rubbed his hands on my chest. He lovingly looked straight into my eyes and kissed me gently on the lips. As our lips touched; all my fears just whimpered away. We kept on kissing each other for quite a long time.  During this, Adolf unbuttoned my bra while I removed his shirt to get a feel of his ripped out muscle.  While kissing, he laid me gently on the bed and moved his lips to all over my body. He fastened his lips on my small tits and bit me on navel. I swooned when he did this. Now both of us were quite in motion. I caressed his hair while he kissed me all over my body. While kissing on my navel; adolf hands slipped beneath my skirt to get a feel of my pussy. I loved it when he rubbed his hands over my soft pussy. He unbuttoned my skirt, removed it along with panty and fastened his lips on my pussy area. I start panting heavily as he started eating my pussy. I had no idea when my vagina got lubricated. I was panting heavily when he spread my legs apart and inserted his cock gently inside my already wet vagina.

He moved up/back again and again. Soon, he ejaculated inside my pussy while I scratch his back with my strong nails. I felt such a joy on getting my first climax that I can’t describe. In one night, I turned from a young girl to a grown up woman. All thanks to Adolf who was quite gentle all night and remove all my fears regarding sex.

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